Friday, 1 September 2017

September 4 - 8

Important Information:

  • Labor day is Monday the 4th. We do not have school this day. 
  •  Picture day is Friday September 8th. 
  • Today, students will be sent home with sight word lists for them to practice at home. Please help them practice these words until they can read them all quickly & without having to stop to sound out the letters. Simply sign their orange card when they are ready to pass the list off & send them back to school. 
  • Students will also be sent home with their first homework Reading Log. Please read the instructions that were attached to the yellow "September" sheet. 
  • Take home book-in-a-bag will begin next week. Students need to read these books 3 TIMES every night,  and then bring them back the next morning. Students receive a new book every day. 
  • Library books are due back every Tuesday. Students are allowed to have two books checked out at a time. If students finish reading a book, they can visit the library before school starts (8:30-8:55) and exchange them. 
What we are learning this week:
  • Language Arts: Blending and Segmenting words, handwriting skills, digraphs (/ch/, /sh/, /th/), tricky words, sight word list 1. 
  • Language Arts & Social Studies: We will continue learning about different fables from around the world. Students are learning about fiction stories, what a moral is, and about the setting of different stories we read. 
  • Math Reinforcement: We will be starting GoMath reinforcement this week. Chapter 1 focuses on addition concepts using numbers 1-20.