Friday, 18 August 2017

August 21 - 25

Important Information:

  • Red group starts in English this week. 
  •   PE and Computers are on Mondays and Fridays
  •  We will start having library on Wednesdays
  •  Please remember to empty out homework folders & return them on Mondays and Fridays
  •  If you haven't already, please send back the student information sheets that were mailed to you before school starts. 
What we are learning this week:
  • Language Arts: Blending and Segmenting Decodable Words
  • Domain (Reading Integrated with Social Studies / Science) : Fables & Stories
  • Math Reinforcement: We will begin math this week, and focus on numbers 1-20. 
  • First of the Year Procedures: We will continue practicing our first grade procedures! 

We had a great first week! Thank you for all your help!

Monday, 7 August 2017

August 15 - 18

Important Information:

  •   August 15 - First Day of School
  • Friday: PE and Computers Start
  • We will start going to the library every week on Tuesdays. 

What we are learning this week:
  • This week we will learn all about being first graders! We will learn each others names, learn the class rules, explore our school, and more! We will be talking about being good friends, treating our school with respect, and our motto: In First Grade we do our best! 

  • Language Arts: We will begin our CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts) Unit 1 this week. We will be doing a quick review of some of the reading skills we learned in Kindergarten, such as blending sounds to make words, the alphabet, and reviewing our sight words! 

  • Math Reinforcement: Math will start next week!